Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What a beautiful song the instrument breathes;
The sound, what a sound that whispers to me.
It speaks of loves sad lament, of battles won, and of battles lost,
Of gaudy springs, sunlit summers, and winters engulfed in frost.

How is this sound made, how is it formed?
How does such a sound come from wood and silver chords?
How can it create a gateway into my soul-
How does it enter? I shall never know.

But onward it sings, it never stops,
It echoes my every breath, the beating of my heart.
Oh! What stories it has seen and told!
When it sings, I feel it gently kiss my soul.


Kaylee said...

I love this Lyssa! I can't wait to see more! Miss you!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE this Lyssa!

This is what I feel when I hear violin's play.
And when I's like I'm taken to another world.