Monday, June 1, 2009


Last night, I had a dream,
There was darkness all about me.
I saw the face of a child:
Tear stains on her face and her hair running wild.

It was only her face that I could see,
And then I heard her scream.
“Who’s there?” I managed to cry,
And came this reply:

“My name is Addy, I’m alone,
I have no place to call home
Can you save me, save me please
I am down on my knees,”

“What am I to save you from?
You are such a little one.
Surely there is no harm that anyone could bring
On such a small and delicate thing.”

“I am afraid there are many who
Want me to die while I’m still in the womb.
They say I’m not alive, that I am nothing,
But I can move, feel, and breathe.”

“But surely your mother can save you,
And what of your father? Think of him too!
They would want to save you from this fate,
They will not let you die this way.”

“I’m sorry to say it’s not what you think,
My mommy is but sixteen.
My daddy left two months before,
He found that I was to be born.

There are many others like me:
The ones with silent screams.
They are dying, more and more each day,
Before they are even given a name.”

“But how could this happen, how did I not know
That little ones are dying before they can show
The world what they can do, the change they can bring?
How did I not hear, how did I not see?”

“Most of us do not want the truth to be revealed.
We hide it so that we can feel
Better about the choice we made, and feel we have done no wrong.
But I will come back in your dreams all the day long.

And some call it ‘choice’ that they deserve rights—
But what of the my right to live my own life?
Does it mean nothing because I can’t speak?
That hardly seems fair to me.

So please, listen now!
Tell the world what you found.
Perhaps, for me, it is too late,
But it’s not too late to make a change.

So tell them all of the truth,
Tell them what I’ve told you.
Don’t listen to their lies and deception.
Tell them to give us all a chance to live.”

And then she was gone with a loud cry
And I awoke with tears in my eyes.
It was all so real, so real that it seemed
That it had to be more than just a dream.

And now that I am awake finally,
I will never journey back to sleep.
Where are their rights, were did they go?
A girl named Addy would like to know.


Kaylee said...

wowww. i was really close to crying. that is so good... the fifth section (is it called a stanza?) seems like the last line could flow a little bit more... but idk - i don't do much writing :-)

Kayla said...

Very good Lyssa :)

Grandma said...

Oh my this really hits you in the heart. Thanks for using your talent in such a profound, effective way. I thank the Lord for the ability to write that He has blessed you with. I love you.