Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Work

Every day I work, I work hard in the fields,
I plant seeds of intellect and harvest the villanelles.
I grow sonnets and limericks, and often grow ballads and odes;
I bury the seeds carefully and watch them as they grow.

Every day I feed my mind with food, it is fiction I prefer,
My mind is always thirsty, always craving the words.
And I feed it also with learning but experience is best,
But there is nothing it likes more than to sit back and to rest.

And when I am asleep I always tend to dream,
For that is where I plow the fields and plant the many seeds.
That is where I harvest the monodies and palindromes,
When I’m asleep and dreaming is when my best work gets done.


Joanna said...

Hey Lyss.
I loved reading this. You're a beautiful writer.

Us Cox Kids said...

That was beautiful!!! Good Job!! I agree with the comment above... you are such a good writer. Can't wait to see more. Love ya!