Friday, August 28, 2009

Fulvia Mombello

So today I was looking at my bookshelf and I found a copy of 'Notre-Dame De Paris' by Victor Hugo from 1931 that my mom bought from a library book sale about a month ago. Inside the book was an invitation to a play called Lady Lovington on May 2, 1931 at the playhouse at Washington Square College which is in the middle of NYU in New York City. On the back of the invitation was the name Fulvia Mombello. I googled Fulvia Mombello and found her obituary in the Farmingdale Observer which read:

"Fulvia Mombello Russo, 96, of Port Orange, FL, passed away on May 22, 2009. Formerly of New York, she was an attorney in private practice, a member of the Alumni of NY Law School, past president of the Queens City Women’s Bar Association and member of the advisory board of Port Orange, FL. Predeceased in 1985 by her husband Joseph. Arrangements were made by Arthur F. White Funeral Home. Interment took place June 8 in Pinelawn Memorial Park under the direction of the funeral home."

It's interesting to think about her life and why she came to Port Orange, FL of all places *imagination recharge* It makes me want to write a story about it...hmm...


Katelyn said...

That's pretty much amazing. You should definitely write a story about it...and I want to see this play invitation from 1931! Ahhh, so exciting. :)