Saturday, September 19, 2009

8 Easy Steps To Get Inspired

Haha I thought this was funny, I found this on I never knew there were steps to getting inspired but proved me wrong. If you're trying to write a story or anything really, you might want to look these over. Who knows, you might be inspired.

1. First, take a moment to breathe and reflect on your goal. Do you want to write a poem? Do you want to write a short story? This step may take some time, and you should be relaxed while you think.
2. Try jotting down ideas that you have thought of previously. Try to recall thoughts that you have had that you found particularly interesting, and branch out from those thoughts with more complex analysis. For example, if you thought of a cool way to get around, decide just what makes your transportation work.
3. Look around you, wherever you are, and see if you notice anything that stands out to you as interesting. Try not to be "looking for something". Just think deeply about your surroundings. Remember, if it causes any emotion whatsoever, it is probably a good source of inspiration.
4. Your source of inspiration may not be made of matter. Often, the most inspirational of concepts or ideas can be found only in your mind. Think of a certain memory you have of a circumstance or situation. Also, think of things that you feel strongly about or of moral opinions that you may have. War, religion, politics, relationships, death, etc.
5. Once you have an idea that you find interesting or emotional, close your eyes and picture exactly what it is that you are thinking about. Then imagine yourself observing this idea from the outside. See the idea as a whole, and note how it makes you feel.
6. Once you feel that you have captured the essence of your idea, produce a rough outline on paper with more ideas relating to your main source.
7. The final step is to exercise your creativity and embrace your source of inspiration. Fill out your idea, and find a place for it in your work!