Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Would You?

So I felt like writing a poem today and here it's not very good but tell me what you think. :)

Would You?

To not live up to your full potential,
Is better left confidential.
Just think of thing you could get done!
And all it takes is just one.

But you take a break; call it quits,
You say “There’s other people out there so its,
Okay if I sit back awhile—
Changing the world just isn’t my style.”

But what if it is and you could change,
A whole world. And you could rearrange,
Your life and maybe someone else’s too.
If you could, would you?

You can change someone’s life,
Help them out of any sort of strife,
By one look, or one kind word.
But to you, the thought’s absurd.

There’s so many thing you could do;
So many things that you,
Could change if you just wanted to.
If I said that you could change the world, would you?


Kayla said...

I love it!!! you are amazingly talented. :)

Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH!! I love it!!!! You are so amazing Lyssa!! <3

Lilee said...

wow your blog is so pretty!