Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hooked On Nook?

        In case you didn’t already know, I love books—but I’m not just talking about the actual content of the books, I’m talking about the book. I love holding it and flipping each page and, of course, I love the smell of my books such as The Hobbit that always reminds me of my childhood.
        But technology is changing all of that.
        Meet Nook, a digital reader. You might remember seeing something like it on Amazon (ever heard of the Kindle? Yeah, didn’t think so) but this one is supposed to be way more awesome. On Barnes and Noble’s website it says this:
         “Choose an eBook using the beautiful color touch screen, then watch it appear instantly on the E Ink® display, where text appears as crisp as a printed page. The 16-level gray scale display offers great contrast with no glare or backlight. Choose from five font sizes so you can read with ease — plus, bookmark, highlight, and make notes as you go.”
                Interested? Too bad.
                Because it’s sold out until 2010.
                It looks like America’s good and ready to electronify* my favorite thing in the whole world!
                Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more books because if there are people out there like you and me, they’ll still make old fashioned books (but your grandkids might be looking at old school paperbacks like you might look at a cassette tape.)
                But while I love old fashioned books, I think I might be interested in something like this, especially for road trips and vacations and other stuff like that. Most books are about $9.99 and you can also subscribe to newspapers and magazines (cool, right?) There are also a lot of free ebooks like Emma and David Copperfield.
                And Sony is getting in on the action too with their new digital reader which works the same as the Nook and the Kindle but the new edition has a touch screen which is more convenient, I think.
                But before I can jump on the bandwagon, I think it needs to work out a few quirks first, like, I think it would be awesome if you could rent books and pay monthly instead of buying a book straight up. The reason why I buy books is so I can let other people borrow them and also because I want to give it to my kids one day so I wouldn’t really see the point in buying one that I can’t let anyone borrow and I’m not a big fan of rereading books. So, that’s my only problem with it, I guess.
                So do you think that this new invention will replace old fashioned books completely or is it just a fad? Comment on this post and tell me what you think!

*e·lec·tron·i·fy v.

1.       To replace a perfectly good thing with an electronic version. And yes, I made this up ;P


Soli Deo Gloria said...

Well Lyssa my whole take on the Nook thing is way out there, but here it is. I think it's the governments way of getting everyone to read/listen to what they want you to listen to. Yes this sounds crazy, but just hear me out. At first it's all nice and dandy. buying digital books that you like. Maybe some John Calvin, Piper whatever it may be, but slowly they will eliminate these types of books, mostly Christian books. Anything to do with the Christian God. What will happen is the government will come in and start to cherry pick books that they don't want sold on there like I said, Christian books anything to do with the Christian God. Then what they'll start to do is put books in that they want you to read. Evolution and all that crazy jazz. Text books that say what they, the Government want it to say. Because people are already so lazy they may see the Nook as a easy way of reading through text books for school. They'll accept it for what it is. They'll take in what is being said and not discern any of it to see if it be true or false. So be aware of thee Nook!!!
(Not all thee above was just something that I made up and don't believe at all.)

In short what I think about the Nook is it's for lazy people. Yes you could use it for a vacation and what not which is nice. I myself would be found listening to a sermon by Piper or Mahaney if I were traveling. The Nook may come into use though. Who knows? Maybe it could help kids learn to read and teach them proper grammar, unlike the school system that I was partially brought up in. Just for me I see it being used for people who don't like to read so they use a Nook. To me it just shouts "Hey look at me I'm to lazy to read so I'm gonna buy me a Nook and have it read to me. I'll have it read to me bed time stories like Green Eggs and Ham" (Sorry for all thee sarcasm. please be not offended.) Anyways I hope you enjoyed all my nonsense. Have a Merry Thanksgiving!

Lyssa said...

yeah, i see what you're saying and i'm inclined to agree with you. I understand what all the hype is about but i would much rather have a good old fashioned book. :)

Sarah said...

I've been totally against getting a Kindle (or Nook), but now that I'm thinking of going away to college it would be really nice. It would be hard to take all the books I want to read each year to school and even harder to find a place for them in my dorm. So, if I make it into the school, I will probably get one before I go. I still love the real thing but it would be great to have a Nook or Kindle at school. <3