Monday, November 23, 2009

Jumped Review

                I just finished reading Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia which, of course, was nominated for a National Book Award in Young People’s Literature.
                It’s a small book, only a 168 pages and is about 7 inches tall but it took me a long time to read because it was so tedious.
                This story is told from three points of view: Leticia, Trina, and Dominique. Dominique is a girl who will tell you things straight up and won’t take your crap. Like she said in chapter 10: “I know what I want. I have my priorities. My rules. You can trust me to mean what I say, do what I say. I don’t give off crossed signals. No smoke signals. I don’t make confusion. I keep it clear.” This way of thinking gets her into loads of trouble further into the story.
                Trina is too caught up in herself. She goes off many, many (many, many) times about how hot she is. “I’m a crowd pleaser, custom blended. Half Latina with a little this and a little that. It dosent matter which what, like it doesn’t matter if a girl has a blue eye blinking this way and a green eye blinking that way in Picasso. It’s all about the colors, the mixes, the shapes, the music. Like me. Color Mix. Shape. Music.”
                And finally, there’s Leticia who just observes the whole story and doesn’t do anything and this inability to do anything is a main part in the story.
                This book is all about these three girls and how Trina got on Dominique’s bad side and she swore to beat the crap out of Trina at 2:45. The entire story is basically just a build up to the final, gut-wrenching climax.
                And while I usually don’t like stories with more than one narrator, it was kind of interesting and it was how the story needed to be told.
                However, I didn’t necessarily like the book, it was a little bit tedious and prolonged. The ending was clever though, I have to admit. The three narrators finally intersect and how they all handle the situation is very true to their characters.
                But the ending was the only thing I liked about the story, the characters were not very relatable and definitely not likeable but I think that’s how the author wanted it to be.
                So, in the end, it was better than Stitches by David Small. And, like I said before, I liked the ending, it was very abrupt and chilling—but also, very sad and almost haunting. Definitely not my favorite, but not the worst book I ever read. I’ve definitely read worse.
                Right now, I’m still reading Charles and Emma, which was one of the other contenders for the National Book Award. So I’ll have a review on that soon.

                7 days of NaNoWriMo left and I have 13,000 words to go! The road’s been bumpy and hard but I have almost reached the finish line thanks to gallons of coffee and my project playlist. :) But, even after I reach 50k words, I’ll have about 50k words left in the story so I’ll have that to look forward to in December. :)


Dr. Genius Book Critic Jr. said...

Mediocre book review at best.