Saturday, November 7, 2009

'Wings' Book Review, Day 6, and Speed Reading

Part 1:
        Wings by Aprilynne Pike
        If you’ve seen this book before, you’ll notice that there’s a quote from Stephanie Myer (author or Twilight) that reads, “Wings is a remarkable debut!”
        Do people even know what the word ‘remarkable’ means anymore? There is nothing remarkable about this book and Stephanie Myer’s quote makes that even more obvious.
       This book is targeted for the readers of Twilight who are ready to read any sort of story about a girl falling in love with a perfect, amazing, gorgeous guy who, of course, falls in love right back.
(Oh yeah, and you know that Stephanie Meyer probably didn’t even like the book but it’s not about art anymore, it’s all about the money.)
       But there is a different twist in this book. The main character, Laurel, (who narrates the story) is the perfect, amazing, gorgeous girl who the ordinary guy falls for. (BORING) The story begins when Laurel moves to a new town and meets this totally awesome guy who is really into her (sound familiar?) As the story goes on, Laurel finds out that she has wings growing on her back. Then this kid named Tamani who is described as this totally gorgeous guy (who sounds gay to me, but whatever) tells her that she’s a plant.
      A plant.
      He tells her that she’s a plant, specifically a fairy—apparently plants are fairies now. Who knew?
      Then the story goes on in its failed attempt to be clever and intriguing but it is just an epic fail and all this time Laurel is torn between her love for David and her supposed love for Tamani. (when really there’s no hope for Tamani, he’s just there to add a little drama which twilight lovers seem to thrive on.)
       One thing I’ve learned after many years of reading obscene amounts of books, an author will never create an attractive, smart, interesting character that everyone knows the main character would be perfect with, just for him or her to end up with the underdeveloped character that no one really likes and is probably gay.
       Okay, so it’s safe to say that I’m not necessarily crazy about this book, but it’s not the worst book I’ve ever read—I’ve definitely read worse.

Part 2:
Day 6 was an epic success! I wanted to get to 12,000 and I ended up with 13,027 words! Woot! Today I’m going for 15k today. Here’s an excerpt:
                Okay, so when you live in the middle of nowhere (literally) you don’t have much of a library. The only library I ever went to was about an hour away from my home and was unforgivably small. I read almost every book they had at that library—from Charles Dickens and Jane Austen to John Steinbeck and Arthur Miller.
                Seeing that I had never been to a library that was bigger than my kitchen before, I was instantly enraptured by the thousands and thousands of books that were available to me at West Haven’s library. It was like a portal to heaven had suddenly been opened to me and thousands of paradises were at my fingertips.
                And soon in my arms.

                Blah blah blah. I can't wait for you all to read the whole thing!! :D

Part 3: Okay so I’m taking a break from reading Charles and Emma because I need to read The Time Traveler’s Wife by the 14thof November because that’s when it’s due back at the library. It’s a little over 500 pages long so it will be quite a feat—especially because I’ll have to write 14k words before then and I have a lot of homework.Time for some serious speed reading! :)


Lizzy said...

I like what you're writing- and I think I can see a little Rick Riordan influence (that's a cool thing, and it's very, very little, like a drop) =]

Amanda said...

Hey just to warn you the Time Traveler's Wife has a lot of swearing and some inappropriate parts in it so read with caution. :)

I like your excerpt of the story a lot too. Right now I'm just writing one out but I need to definitely make it better :)