Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Charles And Emma Review

    I have to say, I liked this book much more than I Stitches and Jumped and while the author and I don't see eye to eye on evolution, the book was written in a generally unbiased way.
    This book is non-fiction tale about Charles Darwin and Emma Darwin and their religious beliefs. The book starts out with Charles trying to decide whether or not to get married and, of course, he eventually marries his cousin, Emma (I know it's weird but that was normal back then). Charles was supposedly a “Christian” because they believed in Unitarianism which is a watered down version of Christianity while Emma was a devout Christian. The author basically tells the story of how their marriage affected Charles’ scientific work with the help of excerpts from their letters and journal entries.
    It is a very interesting story about Charles and Emma’s lives and how, despite their difference in their religious opinions, they loved each other until the very end.

    “‘Without you when sick I feel most desolate…I do long to be with you and under your protection for then I feel safe. God bless you.’ –Charles to Emma, May 27, 1848” (Awwww!)

    In the book, you learn all about Charles and Emma’s lives, their children, Charles’ scientific work, and Emma’s religious beliefs. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I learned many things I didn’t know before and it really got me to think, which, to me, are two very important aspects to find in a book.
    It is obvious, especially near the end, that the author believes in evolution but I think that the book conveys the story of the Darwin’s in a mostly unbiased way. But at times it was saddening to read because it is obvious that Charles comes to some conclusions about God and evolution because he never really heard the Gospel. I think that it was very insightful to read this book and while I was reading it, I had the wrong idea about Charles Darwin. In all honesty, he was a pretty good guy but he just had the wrong information. I believe that if Charles Darwin knew what we know now about science, the theory of evolution would not exist. But that’s another blog post for another time. ;)
    I think that, as Christians, it is good to be informed and this book is definitely full of interesting information. So if you’re looking for a good book to read, I would definitely recommend it.

     This pictures made me laugh. It's so true (expect for the God part haha)