Saturday, February 27, 2010

Need Some Inspiration?

Do you ever get that feeling that you really want to write but nothing’s coming to mind? Well, it happens to me all the time. So I’ve found a few ways to get out of a rut:

      1.  Cook something.
           Mixing a bunch of ingredients together and calling it dinner can really help inspire me.  Just find a recipe, tweak it a bit and you can end up with something really good—and sometimes really bad but at least it’ll get those creative juices flowing!

2. Read a book.
           Seriously, this really helps, reading other people’s writing can start turning some wheels in your head. And try some new genres or even some classics. The best writers steal from the best writers, after all.

       3.  Go back and read some of your old writings.
           I’ve written A LOT of stuff over the years and while the quality usually isn’t very good, some of the ideas and plots can get me thinking. Also, NEVER throw away ANYTHING you’ve written. Keep it all, every bit, you can learn so much from it, honestly.


4. Go to is really awesome. You can use their online selection of different shirts, bags, jackets, etc. and create awesome outfits. Even if it doesn’t inspire you, it’s really fun. Check out my page by clicking here.


      5. Take a walk.
           Go outside and take a walk and observe the world around you. There are so many little details everywhere that can get you thinking. One time, I came up with a story just by going outside to get the mail. Take note of everything, colors, sounds—everything. That’ll get your mind working!


      6. Listen to music.
           If you’re writing a fantasy story, you should definitely listen to soundtracks or bands like Evanescence or Within Temptation. Classical music or jazz can also get your mind working.

 7. Try something new.
          Whether it’s passing up your regular meal on the menu to try something different or auditioning for a play at school, the experience that you gain will help you create undiscovered worlds and exciting characters that will someday become someone’s best friend. Experiencing new things can help you to get inspired. The more experience, the better you can write.

      8. Write.
          I honestly can give you no better advice that this. No one can teach you how to write, you have to teach yourself and the only way to do that is to simply write. Take me for example, I didn’t feel inspired at all until I started writing this. Now I’m ready to write! If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Jane Austen. I wrote this quote of hers on my bedroom wall so I never forget it: “I am not at all in a humor for writing, I must write on till I am.” It seemed to work for her. ;)


Lizzy said...

Great ideas- however, inspiration seems to find me, and it seems that when I tend to look for it, I wind of up looking so hard that I just get bored. I usually have to wait, and something will strike my thoughts, and I get this urge to just start writing = ] Evey time, it's a different kind of feeling.

Anaurora H said...

Awesome!! This is so helpful!!
I read your blog for a while but never commented before... but it's really good.
I always like what I read.
But the blue background you put recently is too bright for my eyes... Sorry :P
Have a lovely day!!

Annie said...

Thank you for your advice. I'm so glad I came across this blog, especially when I was in a poet's block!

kkriesel said...

This is great! I often am overflowed with inspiration.

The Terminator is awesome, by the way