Thursday, April 1, 2010

Never Will You Know

Never Will You Know
By me :)

You will never, ever know what I know,
Never will you see what I’ve seen.

You’ll never wonder where dinner’s coming from,
Never work two jobs at only fifteen.

You’ll never know what I’ve gone through,
I’ve seen it all; I’ve seen the worst, I’ve seen it firsthand,
I saw once rich people stand on street corners,
Holding signs reading: “Will Work For Food” in their hand.

I’ve seen cold, bitter winters,
Pass by with no turkey or presents—just tears,
When mom and dad said to me,
“Sorry, honey, but Santa ain’t coming this year.”

And you start complaining,
Because you have to cut back a little
And your biggest problem,
Is going from the upper class to the middle.

You see empty buildings,
With ‘Now Closed’ signs behind the door.
You get all anxious and distraught,
Because life is not so easy anymore.

You will never have it as bad as I had it;
Never will you understand.
When I was young, I went to bed hungry,
I never had even a penny in my hand.

This isn’t a depression,
There’s no cause to be depressed,
People are still making money,
Just a little bit less.

You all expect the world should be,
Handed to you on a silver platter.
When will we all be happy for what we have?
When will we see what really matters?