Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Lonely Hearts Club Review

       I’m not a big fan of romantic YA literature but I decided to read this book because it looked cute and kind of interesting.
       Basically, it’s a book about a girl named Penny Lane (which, of course, is a reference to the Beatles and you come to find out that her parents are obsessive Beatles fans and it’s mildly creepy) and she has this boyfriend named Nate who she thinks is perfect but it turns out that he’s really cheating on her and she gets really sad about it and doesn’t stop whining about it until half-way through the book.
      So she decides to give up guys forever (and by forever, I mean a couple of weeks).
      At first it’s endearing to read about a girl who has been treated poorly by the immature creatures otherwise known as high school boys and decides that enough is enough. But then as the story goes on, you find out that she’s a big flirt and “accidentally” goes out on a date with her friend’s ex-boyfriend.
     When a guy asks you to go to dinner and a concert, just the two of you, it's a date. No matter what anyone else says, it's a date.
     So Penny never really gives up on guys but she does start a club for the girls in her school called the Lonely Hearts Club. At first they vow to never date a guy at their high school but, of course, that doesn’t last very long.
     The one thing I liked about the story was that, even though they didn’t stop dating guys completely, all of the girls in the club were there for each other and that they never stopped being friends even when they had a boyfriend. The point of the story was friendship and never losing who you are or ditching your friends for a guy.
     So, all in all, this book was okay and if you’re looking for a cute, light read this summer, this is definitely for you. If you’re looking for something profound that answers deep, philosophical questions about the religion, life, God etc. and not a whiny teenager’s journal about the woes of high school, avoid from this book at all costs.


Tahereh said...

you know, i read like the first five pages or so of this book online (amazon had a little preview) and i really liked the beginning. i almost bought it. but then i hesitated because it seemed like the kind of book i'd read in middle school. the sort of fun, fast and flirty Sweet Valley High-ish sort.

thanks for the review -- definitely something to consider.

best of luck with everything!