Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who Is Not Literaturistic: Video 1


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I watch the music video yesterday... I completely agree! THE scariest thing ever! The whole time I was watching it I just couldn't believe it... It was stupid and the wings were so scary! And I totally agree about the DNA thing. She was trying to sound smart but it was a complete failure. Love the videos! <3

Anaurora H said...

Hahaha you're so right, Miley Cyrus is so not consistent with pretty much anything she says. And her video creeps me out. But anyway, all the pop 'singers' nowadays end up trying to be a copy of Britney Spears 'cause that's really the only way they can sell anything.
Love the videos and about the not literaturistic singers.... I could write a book on it. But for now... let's say... 50 cent? I think every rapper, really.
I'm loving the videos!

Kaylee said...

I saw that music video and it was pretty much terrifying. But, oh my word, there's so many un-literaturistic people out there Lady Gaga, for example, or Justin Beiber. :P