Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cell Phone Novels

    Okay, okay, okay, I’m not a huge fan of texting. I’ll never understand how someone can just text and text and text and text and never get bored with it. I text an average amount but, needless to say, it’s not my favorite form of communication.
    So when I found out about this relatively new fad in Japan, I was stunned.
    Cell phone novels?
    Cell phone novels or ketai novels are written by mostly amateur writer’s and are sent out via text message.
    There are many websites filled with hundreds of books that you can subscribe to and it will be sent to your cell phone! text message at a time. And due to the character limit, only about 70 words can be sent at a time. I would think that would be slightly frustrating. What do you think?
    Unfortunately, most of these books aren’t really known for being well written. Many of the novels that can be found on websites such as are mostly melodramatic and soap opera-ish which I'm not a big fan of. Critics say that these novels generally reject traditional character development and are drenched in slang. I can see how these mediocre excuses for literature would appeal to the younger generation. Ever since Twilight, most young adults have been conditioned to enjoy poorly written novels.
    But, on the other hand, I can somewhat understand the appeal. I enjoy having books on my iPod that I can take with me everywhere and can read whenever I want to. Plus, it gives unpublished authors a chance to be recognized, which I'm all for.
    I was mostly against these novels at first but I'm almost, kind of, sort of, maybe coming around to it a little. I mean, say you’re commuting to work in a large city and you have to get on a subway or something, you can just pull out your cell phone and read a story.
    Hey, if it gets people to read, I’m on board.
    What do you all think about cell phone novels? Do you think it would ever catch on in the States?


Johanna said...

Okay, since I find this very little threat to real literature and therefore to my own work, I think perhaps a cell phone novel may be a way of satisfying beginner or young people's urge to write even without training or a true storyline. I'm all for anything that gets the creative juices flowing! Never heard of it though...interesting...