Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some of My Creations

      Now that another semester has come to an end I've found that an abundance of boredom has been left in its place. So in an effort to amuse myself with the month of no tutoring and no studying (instead of finding something useful to do) I have taken up sewing again and began to create. And I attempted to somewhat redeem my new hobby by trying to make money of them by posting them on Etsy. Below are pictures and links to my creations in hopes that some of you may be inspired to make your own creations but mostly in hopes that you'll buy some of them. ;) Do you have any ideas for some new creations that I could make? And also what are your hobbies? I want to hear from you!

Cheeseburger iPhone/iPod Cosy
Nintendo Controller iPhone/iPod Cosy

Diana Camera Makeup Pouch
iPhone/iPod Touch Cosy
My Neighbor Totoro iPhone/iPod Cosy


Bethany : ) said...

Those are all super-cute! Great job!!! :-)

Kayla said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Those are SO cute! Good job!