Friday, January 28, 2011


Over the past few weeks, I've fallen in love with poetry all over again and I've been writing some poetry as well. Here is my latest creation. Let me know what you think!


I’m haunted by the memories from the time when life was easy,
When the worst things in life weren’t bad at all
And the best things that happened live forever in my memory.

I’m haunted by the years when I thought I knew everything.
Then I finally to discovered that I didn’t know myself
And that I was human just like everyone else.

I’m haunted by the friends whose names I can’t recall,
But I’ve never forgotten the hurtful words they said to me.
The names that they called me run through my head on repeat.

I’m haunted by the times when happiness came naturally.
I miss the times when love wasn’t a fight or a struggle,
When belief in the unbelievable was just another part of my being.

I’m haunted by the time when I wasn’t afraid to sing out loud.
I wish I could go back to when I didn’t care what people said—
The time when I wasn’t afraid of anything except for monsters under my bed.

I’m haunted by the hurtful things I said to those I loved
And there are times when I wish I could go back to right my wrongs,
But I never want to go back to that time. I never want to go back.


Grandma said...

I'm impressed with the writing and the message. I wouldn't want to go back either but I'm so grateful that God holds our past, present and future. We can let the past mistakes go except for what we learn from them. Wish I could write and express thoughts like you do. You have God given tresured creative gifts. Enjoy your life and that God made you you. And I love you!