Monday, January 3, 2011

Movies I Want To See

     Well, 2010 is over and it's officially 2011. And with a new year comes new movies, most of which look ridiculously awful but there are a few movies that are being released this year that I am very much looking forward to seeing.

HP 7 Part 2. But I don't want it to be over! *sob*
Harrison Ford, cowboys, and a crap load of aliens. What could be better?
I love this book and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do with the movie.
I adore classic literature and I am very much looking forward to seeing the new film adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's novel.

     Although most of the movies aren't coming out for another two years, here are some of my favorite books that are going to be made into movies.

The debut novel by John Green is going to be a movie! Unfortunately I have to wait until 2013 to see it....
My favorite book in the Lord of the Rings series is finally being made into a movie and will be released in 2012!
I'm really excited about seeing the American movie that will be based on this book. The Swedish movie is pretty good but I think it has potential to be even better.
In 2012, my favorite Dr. Seuss book will be a movie! I am uncontrollably excited right now.
     Out of all the movies that are being released this year, I am only looking forward to about five. There really are way too many crappy movies that are coming out this year. It's a shame, really. Which movies are you looking forward to seeing this year? (Side note: If you say Breaking Dawn I will destroy you with my laser gun).


Bethany : ) said...

Have you seen previews for "The Tempest"??? It looks promising :-D

Bethany : ) said...

Oh, and the Dr. Seuss one makes me excited...and Cowboys vs. Aliens? Anything with Harrison Ford has got to be fantastic :-D