Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poem of the Day #6

Last and hopefully not least, here's a poem written by me. Let me know what you think!

What They Do

By Alyssa Merwin (Me)

When all of us children are asleep,
And tucked securely in our beds,
They meet together in secret,
In an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town.
They talk about us. They share our embarrassing stories,
They laugh about the time I forgot my lines during the school play.
And when they’re done with the stories they
Come up with new rules to make us miserable:
Like brushing our teeth and no TV until our homework is done.
This is where they decided to make us immerse our hands into dirty suds,
And scrub the remnants of dinner off plates and silverware.
They laugh evilly.
They love to torment us.
At dawn they come back home,
And when I wake up, they tell me to make my bed.


Super Gillermo said...

i like your poem so i show you my poem so tell me what do you think.

Life can be dark, blue or white
but never lose your faith
i fall on top of a rose
and i fell bad.