Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Birds

Bird terrorism is a problem. Don't believe me? Just ask this kid:

The picture of fear

   For years we have allowed these winged devils to shower us with their disgustingly white excrement but no more. The abuse has gone on too long. Now you might be wondering what we can do about this and although you might not be able to do it alone, if we all band together we can make this world bird poop free. First, we cut off enemy supplies by picking up food (popcorn, bread, french fries, etc) from the streets, fountains, and park areas. But in order to stop bird terrorism completely, we need to stop it at the source: old ladies. Yes, for too long old ladies have sat around city fountains and parks and enabled the devious creatures by giving them food; the old bird lady in Mary Poppins being the worst offender.
   So what can we do with these bird ladies? Nothing. No, seriously, if you do anything to them, you'll go to jail. Don't hurt the bird ladies. However, there are many ways to avenge our poop covered cars and win our battle with the birds: Bird Pranks.

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