Monday, May 16, 2011

Yellow Eyed Frog Monsters

This is one of the poems I read at my class poetry reading at my school. I hope you like it.

Yellow Eyed Frog Monsters
By Alyssa Merwin

Yellow eyed frog monsters won’t let me sleep.
They slide their long, serpentine bodies,
Through my window.
They slither over to my bed,
And see if I’m awake;
I always am.
They make their nests in my room,
Using crumpled notebook paper,
Covered in forgotten ideas.
Then they begin their mating calls,
Which sound like a dozen broken foghorns,
Resonating all at once.
Throughout the night,
They make their way into my room,
Building more nests and making more noise.
Before I know it, my room is filled
With yellow eyed frog monsters.
And I just want to sleep.
But they won’t let me sleep.