Friday, July 15, 2011

Lit Day

       Let me start out by saying that Lit Day was amazing. I learned so much at all of the different panels and got to meet so many awesome people. I also got a few pictures with some of my favorite authors which are shown below. In the Editors panel, I was practically jumping out of my seat during the Q&A and was able to ask the panel what where a few things that were automatic turnoffs in the manuscripts they receive. David Levithan responded by saying that the first chapter needed to have a great hook for him to keep reading it and that he doesn't like it when authors try to show of their writing abilities with long descriptions and poetic diction. I also learned a few other little known facts: one of Scott Westerfeld's first stories he wrote as a kid was about a demon in space who solved crime, Libba Bray used to be roommates with David Levithan and Barry Goldblatt, and the first place Arthur Levine took J.K. Rowling and her daughter to dinner was Bubba Gump! All in all, it was a fantastic day and I loved every minute of it.

Me and Arthur Levine (aka my new hero)
Me and David Levithan. 
Me and Maureen Johnson who is the author of Devilish and Suite Scarlet.

Me and Hank Green who I was quite excited to see, as you can tell by my gleeful expression.

Me and Scott Westerfeld. So gangsta.


Jessie said...

Wow this is so awesome! I can't believe you got to meet all of them!! Were you able to meet John?

Lyssa said...

Not officially but I did give him a hug. WIN.

Margaret Free said...

Ahhhh! Lucky you! I would kill to meet Scott Westerfeld!

Not really...but it would be sweet. :)
Thanks for following my blog! Yours is great.

Book Sake said...

Awesome - I found out about the event too late, I'm so ashamed. Love all your pics!!!

Emily said...

You got to meet Hank Green and MAUREEN JOHNSON!!!!! Is it OK to be jealous?

Alex said...

Hank Green! *gushes* lucky girl!!