Sunday, November 6, 2011


     Well, NaNoWriMo began last Tuesday and I just reached 10,000 words! I've been writing 2,000 words every day since NaNoWriMo began and I will continue to write until the 30th. What about you? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How far along are you? Don't forget to add me to your writing buddies!


Jessica A. said...

I'm doing NaNo too, though I have not done nearly as much as you have. But I was out of town for the first couple of days so I think that is a good excuse on why I'm behind ;p
Hope you keep making your goal everyday!

Cathryn Leigh said...

*giggles* I'm a later comer... to this blog at least (I had issues figuring out where my followed blog feeds were going). I started NaNo at 5:30 am EST on Nov 1st.

Anyway funny that you use being out of town asn excusee to be behind. Mine ended up being an excuse to get ahead... Probably because of the fact My hubby took the kids home on Oct 30th,, while my I stayed at my Mom's, who I think convinced to go to a write in, and I think she might join the maddness next year *giggles*

:} Elorithryn/Cathryn